Roadbuilding Ltd.

Rino Roadbuilding specializes in the installation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls (MSE), Big Block Walls and general types of Wall Construction in Western Canada. The company has been established since 1984 with offices in B.C. and Alberta. Our areas of expertise include MSE wall installation, concrete work, general excavation and backfilling.

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Rino Roadbuilding has completed many elaborate and high production wall projects across Western Canada. We pride ourselves in our excellent workmanship, our attention to detail and our impeccable safety standards. Rino Roadbuilding is rapidly becoming the number one choice in the industry for the highest quality construction and timely completion of earth retaining walls in Western Canada.

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What We Do?

We build MSE Retaining Walls and earth retaining walls for overpasses, bridges, interchanges and road expansion.

We Specialize In

  • Cutting, Filling and Grading.

  • Underpass or overpass walls.

  • Industrial large block walls.

  • New road construction.

  • Mountain road access.

  • Parking lot leveling and extending.

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